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Industries: Food & Beverage

   Overview and Our Expertise

Food and Beverage is a sub industry under Consumer Products & Goods.

The battlefield is ready, and the fight has begun for consumer products companies. The increasing pressure to improve financial performance, to innovate, to create and shape demand, to integrate the supply chain, and to work more closely with various businesses partners in a complex environment is not just a challenge for consumer products companies. It is also a challenge for their software providers to support the fast-changing business processes as well as the business models. Using SAP Best Practices for Consumer Products, shifts in consumer demand, emerging competitors, new government regulations, and more can be dealt with smoothly and in real-time.

We have rich experience in Food and Beverage industry in China with SAP Best practice experiences for this industry. We help some companies to have a better business process platform with SAP CRM channel management, trade promotion management, and market development fund management.

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Last Updated@March 2009

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