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Industries: Tobacco

   Overview and Our Expertise

Tobacco can be a sub industry under Consumer Products & Goods but in some cases, the tobacco industry is quite similar with the pharmaceuticals.

Tobacco is a commodity product similar in economic terms to foodstuffs in that the price is set by the fact that crop yields vary depending on local weather conditions. The price varies by specific species grown, the total quantity on the market ready for sale, the area where it was grown, the health of the plants, and other characteristics individual to product quality. Laws around the world now often have some restrictions on smoking but, still 5.5 trillion cigarettes are smoked each year. Taxes are often heavily imposed on tobacco.

Tobacco business is quite special according to other free and non-controlled industries. The resellers, small shops should get the tobacco license from the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau. And they cannot buy as much as they want from the tobacco dealers. The amount they can get are strictly controlled and allocated by the dealers, trade companies according to the demands. So for most of the tobacco companies(like tobacco trading), they are operating as the planned market, not economic market.



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