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CY Phone Connector® for SAP CRM

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CY Phone Connector®

CY Phone Connector® integrates with SAP® Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) 4.0 and later , providing communication services for a multichannel contact center. CY Phone Connector® blends customer contacts from multiple communication channels, including voice, email, and Web chat, into a universal queue and routes them to the best available agent via SAP Interaction Center’s agent desktop.

Contact Us:
Shanghai CY Consulting Co., Ltd.
Email: service@consultingcy.com

Solutions and Platform:
For SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 4.0 or above, SAP CRM Interaction Center Webclient, SAP CRM Interaction Center Winclient.
SAP ERP 4.7 or above.

Solution Release:

Solution Interface:
BC-CTI 4.5 (SAPPhone)

Cross Industry - General

Success Stories:

Any inquiry or you want to adopt the integration with your SAP CRM Webclient with external Telephony System with our CY Phony Connector, please contact us.


   SAP Business Communications Management (BCM) Solution

For the Integration between SAP CRM and external phone hardware system, we recommend to use the SAP Business Communications Management (BCM) solution if the customer can offer the BCM license.

CY Phone connector is recommended in these two cases,
  • Low license/deployment budget
  • Custom development to meet various external phone interfaces. For example, in some cases, an very old phone system with a small company self-owned interface, we have to develop a CMS to connect SAP CRM with the hardware.


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