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  • News: SAP CRM 7.0 Service/Sales Management for Sinopec Catalyst Company went live

    We successfully deployed SAP CRM Service Management, Sales Management for Sinopec Catalyst Company.


  • News: SAP CRM 7.0 IC/Service Project for Sinopec Chemical Products Sales Company Went Live.

    We successfully deployed interaction center , service management with the latest SAP CRM 7.0. In this project, we used Cisco packaged ICI Communication Management Software to connect the SAP CRM Interaction (Email/Phone) with the external VOIP phone/mail hardware systems. And we built the Email Routing and Processing with SAP ERMS in IC. Latest CRM 7.0 functions such as Knowledge Articles were used as well.


  • SAP CRM 7.0 IC/Service/Sales Project for a big company in China. ( 2009)

    The customer is a big group corporation in China. We are building the interaction center webclient, service management, and sales management with SAP Phone interface connecting the Nortel Meridian PBX/CTI systems. And we are building the Email Routing and Processing with SAP ERMS in IC. Latest CRM 7.0 functions such as Knowledge Articles are used. ACE is used for authorization to meet complicated authorization requirements.

( 2009)

  • SAP CRM 7.0 Project for Li Ning Co., Ltd. (SAP Consumer Products/Apparel and Footware Industry Solution )

    The SAP CRM 7.0 project for Li Ning Co., Ltd., running SAP ERP Apparel and Footware industry Solution (SAP AFS) went live this year. From marketing campaign, trade promotion, market development funds, to sales planning, sales cycle management, partner order management,channel management and service management, we integrate the SAP CRM AFS functions with SAP ERP AFS. Our team are powered with the skills of SAP AFS integration and business processes.


  • SAP CRM 7.0 Ramp-Up Project for a Semiconductor Company( High Tech Industry)

    In this June, our team have successfully completed a SAP CRM 7.0 Ramp-Up project for a big semiconductor company in China, High Tech industry. With SAP Ramp-Up Knowledge Transfer of the latest SAP CRM 7.0 product, our team are powered with the skills to the new features and technology of SAP CRM. With this we can bring the new value to our customers.

(Shanghai, April, June 2009)

For a customer in Shanghai, we successfully Integrate the customer's Avaya Telephony System into SAP CRM 2007 Interaction Center Webclient with our Communication Management Software CY Phone Connector® for SAP CRM. Inbound/Outbound telephony functions are enabled in SAP CRM 2007 Interaction Center Webclient, Accept/Reject/Hold/Retrieve/Hang Up/Transfer/Warm Transfer/Consult/Conference/Toggle/End/Dial Pad. All phone functions work smoothly and correctly.

For more information about our CRM Connector, please visit CY Phone Connector® for SAP CRM .

(Shanghai,February, 2009)

We successfully delivered a series of SAP CRM 2007 Web UI & Interaction Center training to a customer in Shanghai. Topics covered:

SAP CRM 2007 Web UI Configuration Tool, New UI Concepts, Web UI Framework; Business Roles, Transaction Launcher; CRM SOA and Web Service Tool, Business Communication Management; UI Development; CRM Interaction Center Integration, Call List Management, E-Mail Response Management System, Scripting, Intent-Driven Interaction Center.

(January, 2009)

SAP released the SAP CRM 7.0 with more functions, easier to use ever than before. For example, Smart Value Help for simplifying the data input, Simple Search which can search all the fields of an object or all the objects in the system, Tile Layout for consolidating the information in one page. We can use the new Dashboard builder to build our own dashboard based on the Business Object report, CRM Interactive Reporting etc.

In this new release we can easily add custom fields in the Application Enhancement Tool (Web). Such new fields can be text box, drop down options etc. And the fields can be easily added into the advanced search so that the objects can be searched with the new fields.

(January, 2009)

We successfully helped a customer implement SAP CRM planned service solutions for their preventive and regular maintenance to their equipments served in their customers.

Service plans are defined as service contracts at the beginning of each year. Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly inspection and maintenance service orders would be generated automatically in advanced. Billing is regularly done through billing plans.

With the planed service solution, the customer can forecast the spare part/service workforce accurately and effectively so that the service cost is reduced sharply. Furthermore, the service revenue can be managed and forecast better.

(November, 2008)

We successfully helped a customer upgrade SAP CRM 5.0 ISA B2B to SAP CRM 2007 Web Channel B2B in this early October 2008. Some critical difficulties have been overcome such as the product catalog staging, new UI blank screen issue after upgrading.

(October, 2008)

To be able to handle the mass incoming e-mails for the service, inquires, the customer uses SAP CRM E-Mail Response Management System (ERMS) to manage the mails. Incoming e-mails are automatically routed to responsible contact group based on the rule policies which can be defined and modeled easily.

(July, 2008)

A customer is using SAP CRM 3.0 Interaction Center Winclient with SAPPhone technology. Basically in SAP CRM Interaction Center Webclient, ICI(Integrated Communication Interface) is recommended. With lots of trial and research, we made it. Now SAP CRM 2007 can works very well with SAPPhone.

(July, 2008)

  • MDF Training Workshops Delivered successfully in Shanghai

Training workshops on the CRM Market Development Funds (New in CRM 2007) have been delivered successfully in Shanghai, June of 2008.

  • SAP CRM 2007 Interaction Center was deployed

SAP CRM 2007 Interaction Center is successfully deployed in Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co., Ltd. Agents now speed up the processing of complaints/consulting inquires of the Elevator installation.



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