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Success Story: Access Control Engine (ACE) for a Large Corporation

   ACE Case Summary

This is a large corporation with complex organization. SAP Normal authorization cannot meet the business requirements or the workload of the normal authorization approach. With the ACE, authorization is done dynamically. When new users comes, assigned to the position, then the users can inherit the related authorization automatically and dynamically without creating new and more authorization roles which can reduce the maintenance workload.

For example, all the service stations can access their own business partners, transaction documents.

We can create create ACE authorization rules based on any field such as the multilevel categorization in the service tickets. In this case, the standard authorization based on transaction types, organization levels cannot easily meet the business requirements.

For the business partners, to control the general business partner information, usually the business partner authorization groups are used but in many cases you can find that there would be many authorization groups, and when a new user comes, a new role should be created sometimes. Now with the ACE, the authorization is calculated and done dynamically.

   Sample Demos

<ACE Activation Tool>


<ACE Runtime Reports>

We are skilled and experienced in CRM ACE since SAP CRM 4.0 . Please feel free to contact us for help and more information about the authorization for complicated business, large organization scenarios.

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Last Updated@ 2010

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