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Multi-level Categorization

   Categorization Overview

Multi-level Categorization is a kind of hierarchical categories which can be uses in the business transaction to classification purposes. For example, in the service order, we can categorize the defect, reason, solutions into many hierarchical categories. One or more than one can be selected easily from the hierarchical tree in the service order header or item.

We can take the multi-level categorization as an enhancement to the previous subject. In a subject profile, we can define Catalog, under the catalog we can define code group, and in the code group we can define code. That's all. The multi-level categorization is more powerful which can have as many levels as you want. The categorization is linked to the catalog/code group/code.


   Key Features of Multi-Level Categorization
  • Categorization Schema
    Named as Category Modeler before, is a tool to build and manage the categorization.

  • Hierarchy or Attribute categorization: Whether duplicate category can be used in the categories.

  • Content analysis:
    Textual contents are assessed and automatic category suggestions are made using content queries for content analysis.

  • Auto suggest of objects:
    By assigning business objects to categories, you can integrate different additional functions in your applications. These additional functions may include: automatic display of solution suggestions, automatically completing service orders using assigned service order templates in the Interaction Center (IC) WebClient, and using specific e-mail standard responses in the e-mail editor of the IC WebClient.

  • Versioning
  • Schema-specific field labels
  • Authorization concept
  • Combination and import of categorization schemas

  • Multilevel categorization is available in varying scopes for the following applications:
    • Service orders
    • Service order templates
    • Confirmations
    • Complaints
    • In-house repair orders
    • Case management
    • Interaction record


   Success Story

We are highly skilled in CRM service contract/complaint and in-house repair orders, service orders which usually would use multi-level categorization.

Last Updated@September 2009

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