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Email SMTP Server Integration with SAP CRM


Email channel becomes more and more important. For example when SAP CRM generates notification, task, activities, workflow for approval, and the users can get the mail notification in the right time. And with the mobile technology such as push email, the users can get the email any time anywhere with the mobile.

Usually we can use the SMTP email server which has already been used for email processing such as Lotus Domino or Microsoft Exchange Server.
However most of the Email server need SMTP authentication to send emails. SAP systems should be trusted in the mail server. Usually we can put the SAP CRM server IP into the trusted IP list of the Email server so that all the mail from the CRM server can be sent out.? SAP CRM then uses the SMTP server to send email.

While SAP system does not support username and password email SMTP authorization or it is not good to do that for each user in SAP system, and sometime, the original SMTP server has authentication issues or does not allow to be changed. For example, the mail server is hosted in other internet place, while the SAP CRM Server is an internal system which does not have any public IP. The IP authorization is not possible.

In this case, we can set up a small while good SMTP EMAIL server by ourselves and SAP CRM systems uses this SMTP Mail Server to send all the mails. In this case, only one SMTP email account is necessary.

In our real practices, we have setup such SMTP Email server to Send and route all the mails from SAP CRM 7.0 system.


   Email SMTP Server Integration with SAP CRM : Live Demo

Live Demo for the SMTP Mail Server

Live Demo for the SMTP Mail Server


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Last Updated@September 2009

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