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Flash-Based Reporting Tools for SAP CRM


Generally speaking, we cannot find any report in the standard CRM except we use SAP Business Intelligence (BI/BW/BO) tools to build our own reports or use the pre-defined BW reports with BW Business Content for SAP CRM, or the OLTP SAP CRM Interactive Reports which can have some pre-defined reports for a limited scope. While we can see that having another BW system is not so easy especially for small projects.

The purpose of this article is to demo how to achieve the fantastic reporting/graphics (Presentation) with the Flash Graphics Control. Using this flash control, we can easily have our own reports use BSP by retrieving the data from the SAP CRM system.


   Demo of the Flash-Based Reporting Tools

<Live Demo: 3D Pie Chart>

<Live Demo: 3D Bar Chart >


<Live Demo: Multiple Bar Charts>


<Live Demo: Chart- Trend >




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Last Updated@ 2010

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