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SAP Transaction Tax Engine

   TTE Overview

The Transaction Tax Engine (TTE) is used to determine and calculate the tax for VAT(Value added tax)/Invoice verification (EU and other countries), External Tax Calculation, Internal Tax Jurisdiction Code(Canada/Canada). For CRM Billing, the TTE is the only available method for tax calculation and determination.Both CRM and SRM use the TTE to calculate the Tax.


   TTE Concepts
  • Transaction Tax Engine Environments

The TTE is an integral part of the Internet and Pricing Configurator (IPC). We can use a RFC connection to connect the TTE to the external tax calculation software, called External Systems. When the TTE is called, the TTE can use the system data to calculate the Tax for the tax condition type.

  • Tax Event Determination

The key factor in tax determination and tax calculation is the tax event. The tax event defines the applicable tax type, tax rate, taxable partners, tax location, and other factors that may be required for tax reporting purposes in any given scenario.

  • Decision Tree for Tax Event Determination

A decision tree is a set of logically connected statements, that is, test questions. These test questions are evaluated as being true or false, and this process leads to a required result, such as the determination of a specific tax event.

  • Tax Determination And Calculation Process

1>The TTE compiles an input document.
2>The TTE derives the tax event from the input document.
3>The TTE derives the applicable tax calculation procedure and tax type from the tax event.
4>The TTE sends the applicable tax calculation procedure to the SPE for tax amount calculation.
5>The TTE receives the tax calculation amount from the SPE.
6>The TTE compiles the output document. Then the TTE returns the tax determination results, that is the tax type, tax calculation procedure, and the tax calculation amount.


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   Success Story

We are highly skilled in CRM Billing, Internet Pricing and Configurator with Transaction Tax Engine deployment, to link the internal TTE and External tax calculation software like Sabrix (for Canada/USA etc.).

Last Updated@November 2008

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