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SAP Virtual Machine Container

   VMC Overview

The Virtual Machine Container (in short VM Container or VMC) is a component integrated in the SAP Web AS ABAP that enables Java functions compliant with the Java Standard J2SE 1.4 to be executed in AS ABAP. The VMC is optimized for applications that use functions implemented in ABAP as well as in Java, and that have to communicate quickly and reliably with one another.

The application component Internet Pricing Configurator (IPC) uses the VM Container. The IPC, in turn, is used by other applications (for example, CRM, ERP).

As of SAP CRM 5.0, IPC is integrated in CRM ABAP enterprise which means it is not necessary to install the IPC server again. IPC is now running in VMC of ABAP.


   VMC Concepts

With the Virtual Machine Container technology (VM Container, VMC), SAP has achieved a technological foundation that allows Java applications to be executed with a similar level of robustness as software developed in ABAP. The aim is to isolate individual users from each other as securely as possible to avoid any unwanted restrictions. In order to provide an optimal runtime environment for selected scenarios with especially high demands on a narrow ABAP-Java coupling, in this release a Java VM can also run integrated in the ABAP work process.

The VM Container technology in connection with a Java VM integrated in the ABAP work process provides the following advantages:

  • Reliability and supportability as in the ABAP environment:

    The integration of the Java VM into the ABAP work process enables strict isolation between active user sessions, which guarantees a large degree of robustness and supportability.

    One work process can only process one user request at a time, which means that even if one entire Java VM fails, only the one user is affected.

  • Close ABAP to Java communication (in-process):Since the ABAP and Java VMs run in the same work process, a quick and efficient communication path can be implemented between the two languages, which means that the security and speed of the communications is significantly increased
  • Administration and sharing of resources(Java shared closures/shared class pool): While a request is being processed a Java VM works exclusively for one use.
  • High Supportability:VMC can use SAP monitoring functions like CCMS.
  • Debugging: We can trace and debug it.

In all our CRM projects with pricing, VMC/IPC are used. We are highly experienced in deploying VMC for big and complicated CRM solutions. We are skilled in debugging and performance tuning of VMC as well, which is critical for high throughput CRM systems.


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We are highly skilled in CRM Billing, Internet Pricing and Configurator with Transaction Tax Engine deployment, to link the internal TTE and External tax calculation software like Sabrix (for Canada/USA etc.).

Last Updated@November 2008

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