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Case: Interaction Center Telephony Integration in SAP CRM 7.0 (with Nortel)


Case Overview

A project with SAP CRM 7.0 Interaction Center Webclient along with telephony integration went live in the early of this year, 2010, after about 6 month project implementation hard work.

CY Phone Connector is used again in this case. In this time, Nortel Meridian 1 OPT hardware is in operation for 4 years with a small and simple web-based, 3rd-party interaction center agent desktop application. A 3rd-party CTI application widely used in China is used. With the 3rd-party CTI ActiveX application, we adjust the interface of the CY Phone Connector so that it can connect to the 3rd party CTI.

Phone functions such as Inbound phone/outbound phone/hold/un-hold/telephony conference/blind transfer/warm transfer/queue/login/logout have been realized successfully.



   Live Demo


<SAP CRM IC Live Demo: Inbound call comes in. Accept/Reject buttons are blinking. Accounts can be identified automatically with the phone number. The call can be accepted or rejected.>


<SAP CRM IC Live Demo: conference meeting.>

<SAP CRM IC Live Demo: Initiate the conference.>


<SAP CRM IC Live Demo: Initiate the warm transfer.>


SAP CY Consulting is highly skilled in related source code like SAP Phone and ICI (Accept/Reject/Hang Up/END etc.). Any issues happen to you, we can help you debug the source code in your system to locate the issues and solve them. In fact, this is a must for most of the IC projects. Please free free to contact us for CY Phone Connector.


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