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Case: Interaction Center Telephony Integration in SAP CRM 2007 (with Avaya)


Case Overview

A project with SAP CRM 2007 Interaction Center Webclient along with telephony integration went live in April 2009, after about 3 month project implementation for this phone integration and upgrade from SAP CRM 5 to SAP CRM 2007..

CY Phone Connector is used again in this case. In this time, Avaya hardware is used. SAP CRM IC is used for telesales, service and telemarketing execution.

Phone functions such as Inbound phone/outbound phone/hold/un-hold/telephony conference/blind transfer/warm transfer/queue/login/logout have been realized successfully.


   Live Demo

<SAP CRM IC Live Demo: Inbound call comes in. Accept/Reject buttons are blinking. Accounts can be identified automatically with the phone number. The call can be accepted or rejected.>


<SAP CRM IC Live Demo: Phone Transfer. 3301 received the call, then the call is transferred to agent 2201 for further processing.>


SAP CY Consulting is highly skilled in related source code like SAP Phone and ICI (Accept/Reject/Hang Up/END etc.). Any issues happen to you, we can help you debug the source code in your system to locate the issues and solve them. In fact, this is a must for most of the IC projects. Please free free to contact us for CY Phone Connector.


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