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Interaction Center Webclient with SAPPhone in SAP CRM 2007 (with Siemens)

SAP CRM 2007 Interaction Center Webclient with SAPPhone

We are proud of the news that we make the CRM 2007 Interaction Center Webclient live with SAPPhone technology. Basically SAP CRM Interaction Center Webclient uses ICI Integrated Communication Interface to communicate with the external communication management software. The communication software communicate with IC Webclient with ICI based on Java and SOAP. ICI is recommended to new customers or customers who can offer ICI compatible telephony software.

While in some customers, they are still using the old communication management software for IC Winclient, SAP Phone and SAP Phone Server with RFC approach (TAPI or 3rd party CTI Gateway). To be able to use the old SAPPhone based telephony software, lots of customizing should be done but it really works.

Interaction Center Webclient in SAP CRM 2007, Winclient is Outdated/Obsolete.

Basically, SAP CRM Interaction Center Winclient is outdated and obsolete as of SAP CRM 2007. Customizing nodes of IC Winclient are removed. Some issues would occur if you use IC Winclient. Anyway probably, with some efforts we can use the IC Winclient in SAP CRM 2007 as well but this is really not recommended.

SAPPhone Approach:

Usually this is used in SAP CRM/ERP Interaction Center Winclient with the minimum telephony functions. SAPPhone communicates with the CTI server (external communication management software). TAPI or Phone Gateway is used in CTI (communication management software).

This SAPPhone has some limitations such as predictive dialing is not supported. Detail information, please refer to SAP documents.

ICI(Integrated Communication Interface) Approach

New customers or customer with ICI telephony software are highly recommended to use ICI for multi-channel and for more functions.

SOAP/XML inside.

Case: SAP CRM Interaction Center Webclient with SAPPhone Approach

Hardware Environment: Siemens HiPath Pro Center.

Integration Communication Management Software: Siemens HiPach ProCenter for SAPCIC.

Much customizing should be done and it works when a call is received. In the following screen shot from a real live case, the buttons receive/reject are blinking. Buttons Ready/Not Ready are displayed.

<Live Demo in a reference customer: SAP CRM 2007 Interaction Center Webclient, Inbound Phone>

If you are using SAPPhone based telephony software while you want to upgrade the IC Winclient to CRM 2007 IC Webclient (upgrade previous CRM to CRM 2007), you can consult CY Consulting for such implementation. We are sure you can use your SAPPhone based telephony software to keep the investment.

SAPPhone Site(SAPphone Administrator) and Telephony Queue

When external Communication Management Software is setup properly, in CRM, we should set up the SAP Phone Site to hold the extension and work centers. Telephony queues should be setup as well. When everything is done, we can test the telephony functions in IC Winclient or use the SAP GUI based testing tool.

With specific settings, the IC Webclient can use the SAP Phone setting so that when we launch the IC Webclient, the user with the extension can log in the queue in the same way as IC Winclient. If the queue logging fails, the IC Webclient would not work. When one agent logs in the queue successfully, the Ready/Not Ready options are active. When we see these options, it probably means that the interaction center with the telephony functions works!


When a call is coming, these two buttons would be blinking, telling the agent to accept or reject the call.

Account Identification

If accounts with the phone number are found, the accounts are identified. If multiple are found, we can select one and confirm.

Telephony Functions and Debug

Probably you would meet many issues during implementing the interaction center telephony because of the complicated environments, the IC itself, the SAP Phone interface, the external communication management software, all would have some issues.

SAP CY Consulting is highly skilled in related source code like SAP Phone and ICI (Accept/Reject/Hang Up/END etc.). Any issues happen to you, we can help you debug the source code in your system to locate the issues and solve them. In fact, this is a must for most of the IC projects.


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