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SAP CRM Interaction Center Integration with SAPphone Server

SAP Interaction Center Integration- SAPPhone/ICI

SAP CRM provide two types of interfaces to integrate the SAP CRM system with external PBX hardware system, i.e. SAPPhone Interface, and Integrated Communication Interfaces.

SAPPhone Interfaces and SAPphone Server

SAPphone provides an RFC interface which is used to connect external telephony software to SAP Systems. Third-party manufacturers can program a direct connection to the RFC interface or use the SAPphone Server delivered with the SAP System. The SAPphone Server works as a link between the SAPphone RFC interface and the TAPI standard interface defined by Microsoft for telephone integration solutions. If the SAPphone Server is used, manufacturers of TAPI-compatible telephony products do not have to program an individual connection to the SAPphone RFC interface.

The big advantage for SAPphone Server is that it is free. With this approach, we can link the external PBX/CTI systems with TAPI once the hardware system provides the standard TAPI interface while most of the standard PBX/CTI systems have it.

SAPphone Server Architecture

<Image: SAPPhone Server Architecture>

SAPphone Server Customizing

<Live Demo: SAPphone Server Customizing sample.>


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Last Updated@July, 2009

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