SAP CRM Interaction Center Solution Overview

SAP CRM Interaction Center consists of four basic building blocks, supplemented with interaction center analytics. The customer is the focus at the top, and all of the customer interaction channels, such as telephony and Web, are integrated with the application’s capabilities.

  • Telemarketing: This building block covers how marketing organizations can use interaction center capabilities to coordinate call lists and agent scripts for campaign execution and lead management, as well as personalization, to enable the right product and offer to be presented to the right person.
  • Telesales: This building block covers how sales organizations can use interaction center capabilities to drive more leads into the pipeline through accounts and contacts information, as well as activity, opportunity and sales order management.
  • Customer Service: This building block covers how service organizations can use interaction center capabilities to quickly and easily resolve customer issues, with a high first contact resolution rate, as well as provide shared services through IT or HR help desks.
  • IC Management: This building block covers how interaction center managers can control and monitor the interaction center, for example the business rules that route contacts to agents.
  • Interaction Center Analytics: Four analytics building blocks cover ever-more intelligent interaction center analytics, from basic analytics, such as average handling time, to profitability analytics, such as service contract profitability.

SAP CRM Interaction Center

<Image: SAP CRM Interaction Center>
   SAP Business Communications Management (BCM) Solution

For the Integration between SAP CRM and external phone hardware system, we recommend to use the SAP Business Communications Management (BCM) solution.

   SAP CRM Interaction Center Multi-Channel(Phone/Email/Web Chat/SMS)

Telephony Integration

We have rich expertise in SAP CRM Interaction Center with couple of SAP CRM IC project involvement. We know the telephony middleware very well, such as Genesys, Avaya CRM Connector, Siemens HiPath ProCenter. Furthermore, for small and mid projects, we align with some local telephony middleware providers in China to meet the requirements.

Multi-Channel Support

We know how to set up the telephony integration and E-Mail integration, which leverages the multi-channel capabilities of SAP CRM through Integrated Communication Interface (ICI). We are skilled in SAP E-Mail Response Management System (ERMS).


Telephony Channel (Case): SAP CRM 2007 Interaction Center Webclient with SAPPhone (with Siemens)

We are proud of the news that we make the CRM 2007 Interaction Center Webclient live with SAPPhone technology. Basically SAP CRM Interaction Center Webclient uses ICI Integrated Communication Interface to communicate with the external communication management software. The communication software communicate with IC Webclient with ICI based on Java and SOAP. ICI is recommended to new customers or customers who can offer ICI compatible telephony software.

Phone Integration with Siemens

While in some customers, they are still using the old communication management software for IC Winclient, SAP Phone and SAP Phone Server with RFC approach (TAPI or 3rd party CTI Gateway). To be able to use the old SAPPhone based telephony software, lots of customizing should be done but it really works.

Interaction Center Webclient in SAP CRM 2007, Winclient is Outdated/Obsolete.

Basically, SAP CRM Interaction Center Winclient is outdated and obsolete as of SAP CRM 2007. Customizing nodes of IC Winclient are removed. Some issues would occur if you use IC Winclient. Anyway probably, with some efforts we can use the IC Winclient in SAP CRM 2007 as well but this is really not recommended. More>>>


CY Phone Connector® for SAP CRM 2007

CY Phone Connector® integrates with SAP® Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) 4.0 and later, providing communication services for a multichannel contact center. CY Phone Connector® blends customer contacts from multiple communication channels, including voice, email, and Web chat, into a universal queue and routes them to the best available agent via SAP Interaction Center’s agent desktop.


Telephony Integration Case: SAP CRM 7.0 Interaction Center Webclient Integration with Nortel

A SAP CRM Interaction Center 7.0 case for Nortel, with CY Phone Connector ® application.



Telephony Integration Case: SAP CRM 2007 Interaction Center Webclient with Avaya

A SAP CRM Interaction Center 2007 case for Avaya, with CY Phone Connector ® application.


SAP CRM Interaction Center Integration with SAPphone Server

Connect the external phone hardware system with the free SAPphone Server.

E-Mail Channel: E-Mail Response Management System (ERMS)

E-Mail Response Management System (ERMS) is a tool for managing large amounts of incoming e-mail. Instead of routing all incoming e-mails into one queue, ERMS provides services for automatically processing and organizing incoming e-mail. There are several automated activities that reduce the need for manual intervention by interaction center agents, thus substantially increasing efficiency and processing accuracy, by helping agents to process e-mail in less time and allowing them to provide the same quality response regardless of agent skill level. ERMS provides tools for agents to efficiently and consistently respond to messages, and for managers to administer, monitor, and report on the whole e-mail process. Rules and Rule policies are used in ERMS to route/forward/delete/reply the mails.

SAP delivers preconfigured ERMS settings and functions that you can extend using custom coding.

CY Consulting has experienced in ERMS with Interaction Center for E-Mail Channel. We can set up the ERMS scenario within days.


Web Chat Channel: Live Web Collaboration

Provide real time, instant support to the customer when the customer is shopping online in SAP CRM Web shop. Live chat can be initiated, Interaction Center Agent can receive the chat instantly and begin to provide the information to the customer in a figure tip, usually which would increases the customer loyalty, and gives the agent the opportunity to increase the conversion rate by helping to close the sale and offer cross-selling opportunities.

While we are shopping, we would have inquires about the delivery methods, payment methods, product information, special discount information, price negotiation. Live Web Collaboration can be helpful in these cases.


Short Message Channel: Short Message Integration and Processing

Short Message Service(SMS) is very important information notification channel in China. Messages such as Customer birthday care and other regular service care can be sent to the customer's mobile with Short Message Service.

   Use SAP CRM Interaction Center to Build IC Solutions

Help Desk with SAP CRM Interaction Center

With SAP CRM Interaction Center Webclient, we can build a powerful help desk solution for both internal and external users/customers.

Employee Interaction Center (EIC) with SAP CRM 2007

To provide the information, service to the employees is playing a key role in a company's HR service. Nowadays more and more big companies share the same HR service across all regions/offices with the Shared HR Services. The HR department has the HR direct Email and phone channel to provide services to any employee any time. This forms another Interaction Center (Employee Interaction Center, EIC) scenario besides of the employee self-service (ESS).

Telesales & TeleMarketing: Outbound Telesales and Call List Management

The Interaction Center agents use the call list to call the customer for outbound telesales. Call list can be defined and build through customer segmentation builder or other approaches. When the call is initiated, attached interactive scripting with a survey form can be launched to support the call, for example update the address, complete the survey and create the lead automatically so that a sales representative or someone from the channel partner can follow the lead.


   SAP CRM Interaction Center Functions

Rule and Policies (Rule Modeler) in SAP CRM 2007

Freely and Easily define the rules in some business process context, to give the solution more intelligence. For example, we can define rules to route, delete, forward, reply the emails, to route the case, orders, to distribute the lead, opportunity, to activate alert, interactive script, any events when some criteria are met.

This is new in SAP CRM 2007 and it's really fantastic! More>>>

Alerts and Intent-Driven Interaction in SAP CRM 2007

As the word Intent-Driven, it means the system would guide/help you through the interaction in the proper context like driving your mind. I would like to say this an useful and intelligent functions in the interaction center. The objective of Intent-Driven interaction is to ensure customer interactions are processed according to corporate standards through business rule-driven alerts, scripts, navigation, and other actions, based on all kinds of the business data and flexible interaction center events.

For example, depending on the business data, when a customer calls, different alerts can be displayed immediately such as this is a VIP customer, be nicer to them, or this person likes Golf, propose to selling some golf stuff to him or her. Or the system can determine the latest service order/sales order status which probably the customer is calling for, the agent can read the data immediately with a click for more information. More>>>

SAP Alert Management in SAP CRM 7.0 (2009)

Broadcast Messaging

Enable the agent supervisors to create,preview and send messages to selected agents. Agents can receive the message immediately in the interaction center workspace.

Interactive Script in SAP CRM

Usually there are many agents in an interaction center, and each person is unique.In some cases, the turnover of the interaction center agents are really high. When new comers join in, we should train them again and it takes time to learn the business processes. Use Interactive Script, we can make the agents' interactions with customers more consistent and efficient through step by step guidance, which in turn improve the quality of the customer interaction.

For example, depending on the business data, when a customer calls for inquiry of a new product or a discount campaign, related interactive can be activated with predefined questions and guided procedures. Agents can follow the script to gather data from the customer, and provide information to the customer. More>>>

Solution Database and Knowledge Search in SAP CRM 2007

Solution database is a well-structured, free text repository of all kinds of information stored as problems and solutions. When a customer calls with a question, the agent can search the solution database to answer the customer's question immediately or propose a solution based on some solutions and other information. Later, the agent can mail the composed solution to the customer.

Problems/Solutions can be linked to one or more business objects in the system, for example, products, equipments or technical installations. More>>>

Lead Processing in Interaction Center

We collect the leads from a marketing activity like a trade fair. Then we build the call list for the telephone call back. The agents call the prospects, go through a survey. Based on the response to the survey, the agents set the appropriate qualification level, status of the lead, and save it. Follow-up activities can be done later for the lead processing.


Complaint Management in SAP CRM (Interaction Center as well)

Complaint Processing is a key function in CRM Service. The complaint can be created with reference to the original document such as sales order, billing document, etc. In the complaint we can easily create follow-up document such as free-of-charge delivery, returns, credit memo, debit memo, task, diagnostic. And the investigation workflow processing can be triggered if the item need further investigation.

Subject and categorization are supported very well in the complaints.


Sales Ticket (Easy Sales Order Entry) in SAP CRM Interaction Center

To make the order entry easier for the interaction center agent which can save the time, reduce the complexity, easy sales order entry or sales ticket is simplified version of sales order entry especially optimized for B2C scenario/telesales for customers who buy few items at a time.

ERP Sales Order Processing in SAP CRM Interaction Center

The users can create a sales order directly in ERP without leaving SAP CRM Web UI.


Product Proposal (Cross/Up/Down Selling, Top N List)

Increase the sales by recommending products based on different rules and business context. For example, when you order a kind of PC, an accessory like printer, bag, particular software would be recommended (Cross- Selling). When the customer orders a simple Fax machine, more powerful fax machine with telephone, printing functions can be recommended (up selling). For the small customers, the system can recommend a cheaper alternative (down selling).
For anther example, when the customer orders A, B and C. With this combination, the system can propose another product set D and E.

Multi-level Categorization

Multi-level categorization can be used in Interaction Record.

Multi-level Categorization and Interaction Record

Interaction Record is the central navigation point in the interaction center. Agents can log interaction information quickly for prompt or further processing.
Now the Interaction Record supports the multilevel categorization, which is useful to categorize the issues/problems/interaction with the general multilevel categorization technique. Here, multilevel categorization uses the categorization schema as it does in the complaint, service order.

   SAP CRM General Functions


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