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Outbound Telesales and Call List Management

Outbound Telesales and Call List Management

The Interaction Center agents use the call list to call the customer for outbound telesales. Call list can be defined and build through customer segmentation builder or other approaches. When the call is initiated, attached interactive scripting with a survey form can be launched to support the call, for example update the address, complete the survey and create the lead automatically so that a sales representative or someone from the channel partner can follow the lead.

Call List
<Demo: Call list in SAP CRM 2007 Web UI> Call list then can be assigned to agents. Calls can be scheduled and initiated from the call list.

For Interactive script for the outbound telesales, please refer to interactive script.

Interaction Record
<Demo: Usually we use Interaction Record to record something for the outbound telesales.>

CY Consulting is specialized in call list management. We did a good job as of SAP CRM 4.0. We had built a call list for post sales survey based on the service orders, sampling technique is done to build the call list.


Last Updated@September 2008

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