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Solution Database and Knowledge Search in SAP CRM 2007

Business Drive

People come and go in a company. How to build up the corporation-wide knowledge and search/use it in the daily operation becomes critical especially for providing the unified and consistent service for the customers.

Solution Database

Solution database is a well-structured, free text repository of all kinds of information stored as problems and solutions. When a customer calls with a question, the agent can search the solution database to answer the customer's question immediately or propose a solution based on some solutions and other information. Later, the agent can mail the composed solution to the customer.

Problems/Solutions can be linked to one or more business objects in the system, for example, products, equipments or technical installations.

During the Interaction, the system can propose a solution based on the business context on hand.

<Live Demo in a reference customer: Knowledge Search in SAP CRM 2007 Interaction Center >
<Live Demo in a reference customer: Knowledge Search in SAP CRM 2007 Interaction Center,in Chinese >

Software Agent Framework and TREX(Search and Classification) Index Server

In SAP CRM 2007 solution database, we use TREX as the search index server. The solution database has to be compiled before we can search it in TREX.

In solution database context, SAF connects TREX with SAP CRM Knowledge Search functions.The Software Agent Framework (SAF) provides an open architecture that can integrate tools to easily and flexibly assemble information from multiple SAP data sources (such as SAP ECC, SAP CRM, SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence) and external data sources. Examples of such tools are compilation, classification, and search services.

Knowledge Search for Incident Management

CY Consulting is skilled in Solution database with TREX Index server and Software Agent Framework. We are experienced in knowledge compilation, setting up and customizing TREX and solution database.

Last Updated@July 28, 2008

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