SAP Leasing Solution Overview

We can empower the Capital leasing or operational leasing companies with cutting-edge, complete, end to end leasing solutions. In SAP Leasing solution, it has powerful Financial Mathematics(FI-MA) which can calculate the cash flow and all the other financial numbers dynamically.

For the leasing business, in both lease quotation and lease contract, financing amount, interest rate, leasing terms, down payment and hereto the annuity (the payment of each term) are essential numbers, while SAP leasing solution can take all of these into consideration with the powerful FI-MA.

SAP Leasing solution consists two life cycles. One is the Customer/Front office life cycle, which use SAP CRM, mainly for the adaptive and extensible of SAP CRM platform for lease quotation/contract workflow process, financial number calculation with FI-MA. The other life cycle is the back-end accounting life cycle, which is SAP ECC Financial Contract Accounting.

If you want to implement the leasing solution, you have to buy the leasing engine licence (CRM Leasing Engine), which is calculated mainly based on the leasing capital amount and the numbers of users. Currently (Year 2008), almost all the leasing deal has to be approved by SAP AG leasing team for risk assessment, to ensure the success of every leasing project of SAP. We work closely with SAP for the leasing solution.

SAP Leasing Solution: Leasing Life Cycle


Last Updated: Oct 2008