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Loyalty Program Management

Business Drive

We can design our loyalty program to support our organization's strategy. Members of our loyalty program can earn and redeem loyalty points by doing defined member activities.

Loyal Program Management

Program is to used to define the strategy and objectives. From SAP CRM point of view, Program is a kind of a marketing campaign/project.

Key features of Program Management include Tier Management and Point Management.

  • Tier Management: Classify the program members into different tier levels to reward the members for their loyalty.
  • Point Management: Manage redeemable and qualifying points in the program.

Loyalty Types

Type of marketing projects for loyalty management.

Dates Management

For example, period of the beginning to earn the point, expiry of the points, length of the period for a member in a specific tier.

Program Partners

Partners/customers who participate the loyalty program. Partners can earn points, benefits, and get reward later.


<Demo: Loyalty Program>



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Last Updated: September 2009

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