Both SAP CRM and ECC(ERP) are independent Servers. Setting up the CRM Middleware is the first step for almost all theCRM projects in case the CRM is not standalone while most of the CRM servers are not alone. Sometimes loneliness means useless.

CRM Middleware as an integrated part of the SAP CRM Box, provides the full capabilities to seamlessly integrate with ERP/BW/CRM Mobile/Portal. It's out of the box solution while it needs much system customizing.



Although usually in Small and Medium cases, the system can meet the requirements without any modification and enhancements. However in some cases, there are still some enhancements and modification. For example we can create the company code view of a customer when replicated a customer from CRM into ECC.

We are really highly specialized in SAP CRM middleware. We have experienced in SAP CRM 3.0 Middleware, SAP CRM 4.0 middleware, SAP CRM 5.0 middleware and SAP CRM 6.0 (2007) Middleware.

We have multi-CRM experience and capability as well. We have one reference site who runs two CRM 5.0 with one ECC. And a new CRM server CRM 6.0 would be included into the environments.

We know how to enhance the middleware very well.

<SAP CRM Middleware Architecture.>
<SAP CRM Middleware Architecture.>


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