SPA CRM Sales can enable you to manage your whole sales cycle, from the starting point creating appointments and business opportunities with sales methodologies, quotations, through to managing sales orders, contracts and billing. It allows you to organize and structure the company sales territories according to your business requirements.


Pipeline Performance Management (New in CRM 2007)

Pipeline Performance Management, or PPM, is a new and highly interactive analytic application designed to help sales managers and sales representatives plan quotas and manage pipeline activity to achieve targets. It works in real time, thereby allowing sales professionals to immediately trigger the right actions to resolve issues and to meet sales quota targets.

Case 01: Sales Quota Planning and Pipeline Performance Management (2009)

Territory Management

The territory management capabilities of SAP CRM 2007 allow sales managers to define territories based on size, revenue, geography, products, product lines, and strategic accounts. Managers can easily assign sales reps for each territory as well as identify the prospects and products associated with each territory. With SAP CRM 2007, companies can quickly identify shortcomings, territories that have too many sales representatives, and new opportunities within each region.

Visit Planning & Groupware Integration

Plan your customer visits with visit plan usually on a regular and reoccurring basis. When the visit plan is schedule, related activities can be generated automatically based on your criteria for a sales representative (employee responsible) with related activity partners.

Activity management can be integrated with other Groupware software like Exchange Server or Lotus Domino (Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes) so that activities generated or created in CRM can be synchronized with the calendar of Outlook or Lotus Notes, which is really useful for a user.

SAP CRM Groupware Integration, Server-Side. (2009)

Visit Plan

Regular visits and customer care are very important to maintain the customer relationship. We need a tool to plan such reoccurring, planned activities for the daily business communications. Visit plan can do this. We can use the visit plan to plan the regular, reoccurring activities based on some criteria such as customer locations, customer types. More...

Opportunity Management

The opportunity management capabilities of SAP CRM 2007 give sales professionals complete visibility into each sales opportunity. Capabilities provide the ability to capture, manage, and monitor the business contact and account information of potential opportunities, including identifying key decision makers, sales histories, milestones, progress, outbound activities, and internal tasks.

Sales Methodology in Opportunity Management:

<Sales Methodology in Opportunity Management>

Buying Center in Account, Opportunity Management

To win a deal, we should know how the customer is organized and who is involved in the buying process with which role. Contact the right people at the right time with the right approach. Identify the gaps and take actions to push the deal ahead.

Sales Contract Management

Contracts are long-term agreements with customers that allow them to buy products at special conditions, such as lower prices or favorable terms of delivery.

Sales Quotation Management

Now with SAP CRM 2007, we can replicate the CRM Sales quotation into ERP and create the sales order with reference to the quotation in ERP.

Rebate Management

To increase the sales,build long-term relationships with distributors and customers, we provide rebate as incentive monthly to distributor for the products sold by this distributor within this period, according to the predefined and agreed terms and conditions .

We can use rebate processing to process special discounts that are paid retroactively to the distributors or end customers. Terms and conditions for discounts are predefined in the rebate agreements. More...

Delivery-Related CRM Billing

Deliveries created in SAP ERP after goods issue are billed in SAP CRM. We recommend this scenario rather than Transaction-Related Billing According to Delivery Quantity since the billing documents that are created reference individual deliveries.

One-to-One E-Mail Collaboration with Outlook

Integrate Microsoft Outlook client mail to SAP CRM 2007 system. Now users can call the mails in outlook from SAP CRM 2007 directly with local groupware integration.


ERP Sales Order Processing in SAP CRM Interaction Center /Sales

The users can create a sales order directly in ERP without leaving SAP CRM Web UI.

Sales Ticket (Easy Sales Order Entry) in SAP CRM Interaction Center


Product Proposal (Cross/Up/Down Selling, Top N List)

Increase the sales by recommending products based on different rules and business context. For example, when you order a kind of PC, an accessory like printer, bag, particular software would be recommended (Cross- Selling). When the customer orders a simple Fax machine, more powerful fax machine with telephone, printing functions can be recommended (up selling). For the small customers, the system can recommend a cheaper alternative (down selling).
For anther example, when the customer orders A, B and C. With this combination, the system can propose another product set D and E.

   Master Data

As of SAP CRM 6.0, now we can use the data cleansing function in the new Web UI to eliminate and clean the duplicate, unnecessary accounts in the system.


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