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External Billing of CRM Service in SAP ERP

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In some cases and for some reasons (like skill/technical reason-TTE/IPC), we have to use SAP ERP (SD) Billing to bill the SAP CRM transactions. And we can use SD billing for SAP CRM Service.

External Billing of CRM Service in SAP ERP

We can use SD billing for the CRM service transactions:

  • Service contract

  • Service order

  • Service confirmation

For service transactions containing items that are defined as relevant for external billing, SAP CRM automatically transfers billing-relevant data to SAP ECC. Transfer takes place when a user sets a particular status for the transaction, as described below under “Features”. The data transferred includes the billing date, products to be billed for (services and service parts), business partners, and conditions.

When data is transferred, a debit memo request is automatically created in SAP ECC for each service transaction, in the form of a sales order. The items in this order represent the billing-relevant items in the original service transaction. You can perform billing immediately for these debit memo requests, without additional processing steps.


One of the prerequisite is that the Controlling integration with SAP CRM Service should be done.


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Last Updated@November 2008

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