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Complaint Management

Complaint Management in SAP CRM

Complaint Processing is a key function in CRM Service. The complaint can be created with reference to the original document such as sales order, billing document, etc. In the complaint we can easily create follow-up document such as free-of-charge delivery, returns, credit memo, debit memo, task, diagnostic. And the investigation workflow processing can be triggered if the item need further investigation.

Subject and categorization are supported very well in the complaints.

Complaint Management
<Demo: This is a complaint in the interaction center environment.
Here in the complaint, multi-level categorization are supported, which is useful to categorize the reasons/problems/solutions in a hierarchical way.
In the line item, we can create credit memo, debit memo, substitute delivery, return request, follow-on task etc. easily.>

Investigation in CRM Complaint
<Demo: SAP Investigation in SAP CRM Complaint.

The system uses the automatic execution of business rules to automatically decline or release Complaints, Complaints with Reference to Billing Documents, Returns, or Used Part Returns. If the circumstances are unclear according to defined criteria, or if automatic processing should not take place for certain defined criteria, the transaction is transferred to the workflow for investigations. The system determines the employees responsible and forwards the transaction to them.

An investigation allows you to filter out critical transactions such as complaints, returns, or used part returns, and process them at the research, analysis, and approval processing levels. The end result is that the documents are approved or declined.


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Last Updated@September 2008

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