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Counters and Readings in SAP CRM Service


Counters can be used to measure usage or wear and tear on an object. A counter describes the characteristics of a physical measuring device, such as a counter on a photocopier. You enter readings for a counter to record the counter status at a specific point in time.

Counters are often used in CRM Service for counter-based preventive/planned services. We can define counters for.

For Example,

We can use counters to:

  • Record service histories (for example, recording the mileage during the technical inspection of a car)
  • Record energy consumption (for example, household gas or electricity readings)*
  • Assess warranty claims based on consumption (for example, a car warranty is only valid for the first 30,000 miles)

The following counter types are available:

  • Backward- and forward-counting counters
  • Measuring points (for measurements that can increase and decrease)


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Last Updated@November 2008

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