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Planned Services (Service Plan)

Business Drive

Some services should be carried out regularly and repetitively. For example, a car minor inspection should take place when it was driven for every 10,000km. A major and complete inspection should be done for every 50,000km. Maintenance should be done to an equipment for every 3 months.

For such services, we should plan the resources, workload, requirements for qualified employees in advance, months or even years ahead.

Planned Services Overview

We can use planned services for such regular, repetitive services based on counter, time, especially for equipment regular inspection and maintenance. You may know the preventive maintenance solution in SAP ERP Plant Maintenance. Now we can use the planned service in CRM to do everything of preventive maintenance.

Service plan is used to plan and perform such reocurring service, enabling an object to be serviced on time with proper resources throughout its complete lifecycle. Usually a service plan is linked to a service contract so that price agreement, Service Level Agreement can be planned ahead together. Service plans can answer when the service needs to be carried out, what services should be carried out, where/for which objects to carried out such services. Follow-up service orders, service quotations, business activities can be scheduled and generated accordingly.

Service Plan Types and Scheduling Types

Service plan types can be

  • Time-Based : For example, every 3 months
  • Counter-Based: For example, every 10,000km run for a car
  • Time and Counter Based: For example, a photocopier should be serviced every 10,000 copies, but no later than every 1 months.

Scheduling types can be

  • Cyclical
  • Alternating
  • One-Time
  • Fixed Values

Cyclical Scheduling: Time-Based. This is easy to understand. For example, The car inspection is done yearly. It will be carried out every December of a year.

Alternating Scheduling: Counter-Based. Let's have an example for alternating scheduling. In a car inspection (bundle) service, one complete service consists of two sub-level services. Sub service 1: Oil and brake Cyclical Schedulingcheck (minor inspection), when the vehicle is driven 30,000 miles. Sub service 2: A major inspection should take place when the vehicle is driven 50,000 miles. In fact in the second sub service, it will inspection everything. When sub service 2 is done, a separate sub service 1 is not necessary. However when the major inspection (Sub service 2) is done, with another 30,000 mile run, oil and break check should be done again, then comes another major inspection.
So in the service plan, we will have two intervals.

Alternating Scheduling

Fixed Value: The service is done in a fixed value.

One-Time scheduling: Something like Alternating scheduling, but it will stop when a complete cycle is reached.

Live Demo in a reference customer: Service Plan detail,Scheduling type, Service plan type, interval,objects.
<Live Demo in a reference customer: Service Plan detail,Scheduling type, Service plan type, interval,objects.>

Demo: Service Plan Simulation

<Demo: Service Plan Simulation>


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We are highly skilled in SAP CRM Planned services for preventive, regular services, usually this can be used in large equipment maintenance.

Last Updated@November 2008

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