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Success Story: Planned Service for Equipment Preventive Maintenance

   Success Story: Planned Service for Equipment Preventive Maintenance, October 2008

Business Background

The customer uses SAP CRM Planned Service solutions to plan the daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly preventive maintenance for the equipments sold to and served in the customer's plants.

Specific tasks/services should be carried out reguarlly. We group the services into service order package/service order template. The follow-up service orders can be generated automatically at a proper time.


1.Planned Service

Service plans are defined as line items of a service contract. Service plan type/scheduling type are used with a specific service order template. Later follow-up service orders would be created based on that template.

<Live Demo: Planned Service ltem in a service contract>
<Live Demo: Planned Service ltem in a service contract>


2.Service Order Template

A service order template is to use group the services/spare parts into an order template. The line items and other information would be copied into the service orders to be created. A Service order template can be taken as the service package for regular maintenance.


3.Auto-Generation of follow-up Service orders.

The system uses PPF (Post Processing Framework) to generate the follow-up service orders. Service Plan Action is defined and used. Dates like next planned date/release date would be recalculated for the service plan.

The service order can be generated with a specific lead time (1 month, 2 days. 2 weeks for example).


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Last Updated@November 2008

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