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Success Story: Counter-Based Planned Service for Equipment Preventive Maintenance

   Success Story: Counter Based Planned Service, December 2008

Business Background

The customer uses SAP CRM Planned Service solutions to plan the preventive maintenance for the equipments sold to and served in the customer's plants. When the equipment is in operation for every specific days, maintenance should be done.

We group the services into service order package/service order template. The follow-up service orders can be generated automatically when that counter for the equipment reaches a certain value..


1.Counters and Readings of Counters

A counter is created and assigned to an equipment in the IBase management. The readings of a counter can be input through the Interface to the external systems, directly in the reading creation, or in the service order/confirmation when the service is done or confirmed.

<Live Demo: Counters and Counter Readings>

2.Counter-Based Planned Service

Service plans are defined as line items of a service contract. Service plan type/scheduling type are used with a specific service order template. Later follow-up service orders would be created based on that template.

Counter-Based Service Plan
<Live Demo: Counter Based Planned Service ltem in a service contract>


3.Service Order Template

A service order template is to use group the services/spare parts into an order template. The line items and other information would be copied into the service orders to be created. A Service order template can be taken as the service package for regular maintenance.


4.Auto-Generation of follow-up Service orders.

The system uses PPF (Post Processing Framework) to generate the follow-up service orders when the specific value of a counter is reached. Service Plan Action is defined and used. Dates like next planned date/release date would be recalculated for the service plan.



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Last Updated@November 2008

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