SAP CRM Web Channel Overview

Previously named as ISA (Internet Sales), e-selling, now it's renamed as SAP CRM Web Channel, including E-marketing, E-Commerce, E-Service and Web Channel Analytics.

SAP CRM Web Channel E-Selling B2B Closed Loop

The general process of B2B is: log on the web shop, browse the product catalog, add the products to the basket, create sales order, submit the order, the order goes into SAP CRM, the order is replicated into SAP ERP, deliver the sales order, bill the customer based on delivery, the customer pays the money.

SAP CRM Web Channel E-Selling B2C Closed Loop

The general process of B2C is: browse the product catalog, register an account and log on the web shop when ordering products, add the products to the basket, create sales order, submit the order, the order goes into SAP CRM, the order is replicated into SAP ERP, deliver the sales order, bill the customer based on delivery, the customer pays the money.


   Web Channel: Product Catalog and Indexing

Product Catalog Staging in SAP CRM 2007

A product catalog is a structured, grouped products with product descriptions, multimedia objects, pricing, and associated literature for a target business partners or customers. So that when the customers/partners log on the web shop, they can browse and pick up products they want into the shopping basket.

TREX Index Server in ISA

TREX is critical for ISA B2B solutions because product catalog in CRM server will be replicated into the TREX index server. The Web application server, the ISA B2B Java application retrieve the product catalog data from the index server for performance reasons, not directly from CRM Server.

We have rich experience in setting up the TREX server, defining the TREX service, and customizing the index server for CRM. Catalog can be replicated into TREX server automatically with background job. Again, without the TREX, the ISA does not work. Feel free to drop us an email when you need support in TREX or IPC.


   Web Channel: Enhancement and Development

NWDI(NetWeaver Development Infrastructure): Setup Track for CRM Web Channel

Before we can use the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio to develop or enhance the Web Channel (B2B, B2C) applications. Application track should be setup so that the Developer Studio client can connect to the server. Source code can be downloaded, enhanced, released, published to the server again with change management.

NWDI: Enhancements to the ISA with SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio

We can enhance almost everything in ISA with SAP NetWeaver developer studio however firstly we should set up the development environment so that in Developer studio we can download the code, edit the code, compile and publish the code to the Web Application Server.

Product Configuration and IPC (Enhancements) in Web Channel

IPC (Internet Pricing and Configuration) is critical to the whole pricing stuff in CRM. Without the correct IPC settings, we can do nothing for sales order pricing and pricing in the ISA B2B environments.

The IPC in SAP CRM 4.0 is another standalone Java-based server application. Usually it can be installed in the CRM server or in another server. As of CRM 5.0, IPC is integrated into CRM Java VMC(Virtual Machine) of CRM 5.0. However it's Java-based as before. Customizing is much easier however we should take care of the IPC enhancements as in IPC 4.0 such as pricing routines, requirement and forms.

We are skilled in IPC, as well as the product configuration pricing in the ISA environment.

   Web Channel Functions

Business On Behalf, Partner Channel Management

Enable the channel partner to conduct business (Place sales orders) on behalf of the end customers. In the standard Business to Business solution, the channel partners order the products online for themselves.

Business Partner Hierarchy Integration for Web Channel

Some big companies have many subsidiaries who would buy the products from you as well. In the SAP CRM Web Channel, B2B, the holding companies can place sales order for their subsidiaries (like on behalf processing). The subsidiaries can log on to the web shop with their own accounts as well.

Collaborative Selling (Partner Channel Management)

In some cases, the channel partners do not have their own web shop. With the collaborative showroom (collaborative selling), the end customers can buy the products from the web shop jointly offered by a brand owner and his channel partners.

Product Proposal (Cross/Up/Down Selling, Top N List)

Increase the sales by recommending products based on different rules and business context. For example, when you order a kind of PC, an accessory like printer, bag, particular software would be recommended (Cross- Selling). When the customer orders a simple Fax machine, more powerful fax machine with telephone, printing functions can be recommended (up selling). For the small customers, the system can recommend a cheaper alternative (down selling).
For anther example, when the customer orders A, B and C. With this combination, the system can propose another product set D and E.

Product Association Rules for Cross/Up/Down Selling

We use the product association rules to build the product relationship for Up-Selling and Cross-Selling. It can be defined manually. I can include key figures. And It can be generated with data mining techniques of SAP BI. More...

Bill of Material Explosion in Web Channel

For structured products, products with sales BoM, the system can explore the BoM in the sales order. So that the customer can see the components of the product. Pricing can be done in the header product or in the component level.

Marketing Campaign Execution in SAP CRM Web Channel (B2B/B2C)

Your company launches a marketing campaign to promote some groups of products to some target groups with a special discount related to the campaign. When the customers order the products in SAP CRM Web Channel (B2B, B2C E-Commerce), the system can determine the related campaign automatically and the price would be affected. The campaign or coupon ID can be sent to the target customers with mails, so that the customers/partners can input the campaign, coupon ID to get the special discount when the customers/partners order the products.

Marketing Campaign Execution with Newsletter Management

A newsletter is a regularly distributed publication generally about one main topic that is of interest to its subscribers. SAP CRM has newsletter capability. With this the users or partners can subscribe/un-subscribe the newsletter from the Web Shop (Web Channel B2B, B2C).


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