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Product Catalog Indexing- TREX Index Server

   TREX Index Server in ISA

TREX is critical for ISA B2B solutions because product catalog in CRM server will be replicated into the TREX index server. The Web application server, the ISA B2B Java application retrieve the product catalog data from the index server for performance reasons, not directly from CRM Server.

We have rich experience in setting up the TREX server, defining the TREX service, and customizing the index server for CRM. Catalog can be replicated into TREX server automatically with background job. Again, without the TREX, the ISA does not work. Feel free to drop us an email when you need support in TREX or IPC.

<Live Demo in a reference customer: Trex Sever Administrator/Settings>

<Distribution of product catalog to the Trex Index Server>

For product catalog Staging, please refer to Product Catalog Staging in SAP CRM 2007.


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Last Updated@September 2008

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