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Integration between SAP CRM and SAP HR

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Integration between SAP CRM and SAP HR

We are really experts in the integration between SAP CRM and SAP HR. As we can see, some SAP ERP and HR systems have been running for years to some customers. When they adopt SAP CRM solutions, we have something in common, the organization structure (reporting structure), positions with employees assigned, jobs. Are we going to create thousands of organization units, positions, employee master data again in SAP CRM? The answer can be Yes and it can be No as well depending on the solution. To us, synchronizing the organization structures, positions, employees from HR system into CRM system usually can be a good idea and happy point for most companies who already have SAP HR system.

Organization Management in SAP HR

We can use the organization plan to plan the organization structure with all the position/employee assignment in SAP HR system.
<Live Demo in a reference customer: SAP HR Organization Management: in Chinese. It would be synchronized into CRM as below.>

SAP CRM Organization Management

Organization is the fundamental data for almost all the CRM Marketing/Sales/Service business scenarios.

HR in CRM 6.0
<Live Demo in a reference customer: SAP CRM Organization Management: SAP CRM 2007 Version, in Chinese, here you can see the organization structure/positions/employee assigned are synchronized from SAP HR system.>

Last Updated@July 2008
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