Sales & Distribution (SD)

CY Consulting have solid knowledge and experience in ERP Sales and Distribution. We can even say that solid SD skill is a must for a CRM consultant because CRM and SD share too much in common and finally usually CRM has to work with SD for MRP demands, ATP check,credit check, delivery and follow-up logistics execution.

Is it easy to become an expert in SD? Usually one would say that SD is easy once they have done some projects. This is not correct at all. SD is quite flexible. Without knowing the code and enhancements, we cannot say we are experts. CY Consulting is highly skilled in SD Enhancements like forms, requirements, copying routines, pricing stuff etc.

Integration between CRM Sales and ERP SD

Sales & Distribution (SD) is critical for both CRM and ERP. In CRM, sales order, sales items of a service order will be replicated into SD sales order for ATP/MRP demand and the follow-up logistics execution.ERP is the backend system for CRM solution.

CY Consulting are experts in the following integration areas:

Integration between CRM Service and ERP SD

Most of the CRM Sales integration with SD are applicable to CRM Service. However in CRM Complaints and In-House Repair management, usually we can have more.

CY Consulting are highly skilled in Service Complaints and In-House repair management, please refer to the service part.

SAP CRM Transactions

Data Entered in SAP ECC SD

Returns request

Returns item in sales order

Returns authorization (RMA)

Returns item in sales order

Substitute delivery

Sales order item

Other follow-up transactions (debit/credit memos, actions, tasks)

No data transfer

Return for repair

Repair submission item in sales order

Return delivery

Return delivery item in sales order

Loan device delivery

Loan device delivery item in sales order

Loan device pick-up

Loan device pick-up item in sales order

As one of our reference customers, we provide the loan device process for CRM Complaints and In-House Repair order so that the customer can temporally get a loan device for use until the device is repaired. In this business scenario, Loan Device request, Load device delivery, loan device pick-up are involved.

ERP Sales Order Processing in SAP CRM Interaction Center
The users can create a sales order directly in ERP without leaving SAP CRM Web UI.

Last Updated@July 2008