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CY Taxation Connector® for China Golden Taxation System,ERP和中国金税系统集成包

Business Context

In China, in some companies, the value-added taxation invoices are created by an external system made other 3rd parties, certified and complied with the government taxation rules, called China Golden Taxation System.

When the company uses the SAP ERP system, with the sales and delivery, the billing document would be created in SAP ERP system, accounts receivables is created. Later, the company should open an real invoice with company chop manually, with the same amount to the same customer. When the customer is using the China Golden Taxation System, the amount, item, customer information should be input to the Gold Taxation system, then the Gold Taxation system can print the invoice in the empty invoice sheets.

With the SAP ERP system introduction, if we can integrate the ERP billing with the external China Golden Taxation System, all the related data would go from SAP ERP billing document into the Golden Taxation System directly, The Taxation System prints the invoice, and write the data such as the invoice number back to the SAP ERP system.

China Golden Taxation System Integration Solution

We have a complete solution for the integration between SAP ERP (Billing) and China Golden Taxation System.

1>When you adopt SAP ERP solution, the billing would be done in sales order, delivery and billing. When the billing document is created in ERP, it would goes into the Golden Taxation System automatically.

2>The Golden Taxation System generate the invoice number and other verification data and print the invoice.

3>The Golden Taxation System transfers the invoice number and other verification data back to the SAP ERP system. Follow-up actions would be done to maintained what ERP billing document has corresponding taxation invoices.

Solution Architecture


Any inquiry or you want to adopt the integration with your ERP and your China Golden Taxation System, please contact us.


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Last Updated@February 2009

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