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We can help you when you want to adopt SAP enterprise business solutions like CRM, ERP etc. More than 75% of the fortune 500 are running SAP enterprise business solutions. Nowadays, more and more small and medium companies are adopting SAP business solution to innovate and streamline the business processes. SAP business solutions become the enterprise business IT backbone for many companies.

Adopting SAP business solutions is not an easy task. It's an enterprise system re-engineering, process re-engineering task with lots of investment in hardware, software licence and project implementation consulting expense. However with the cutting-edge business solution, the RIO is remarkable as well if the project is successful and the solution is feasible.

QuickSAP® Project Implementation Methodology

We are experienced in both large global projects and local projects. In small and medium customers, we are special because of our innovative implementation methodologies, called QuickSAP®. During the preparation/blueprint phase, we intensively use SAP standard live processes to speed up the discussion, blueprint.

General SAP Project Implementation Cycle

Preparation->Blueprint -> Realization -> Final Preparation ->Go Live ->Support and Continuous Improvement



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