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QuickSAP® Project Implementation Methodology

We are experienced in both large global projects and local projects. In small and medium customers, we are special because of our innovative implementation methodologies, called QuickSAP®. During the preparation/blueprint phase, we intensively use SAP standard live processes to speed up the discussion, blueprint.

General SAP Project Implementation Cycle

Preparation->Blueprint -> Realization -> Final Preparation ->Go Live ->Support and Continuous Improvement


Spot Consulting

We treat short-term, occasional, task-specific or topic-specific consulting as spot consulting. Usually spot consulting is urgent as well which requires absolutely quick response with specific expertise.

In our service areas, we have an expert team for spot consulting. When you need it, where you need it, we will send the consultant right with you as quick as possible with right expertise. For example, we provide spot consulting service for a customer who runs SAP ERP and CRM 5.0. The issue is that there are over one million entries of master data/transaction data in the CRM middleware queue which cannot be processed successfully. Somewhere somehow the system almost stop because of some critical issues. We sent our senior CRM consultant onsite, analyzed the problems and solved the issue. Together with other solution and system optimization, it took only 10 man days. We have done a wonderful job in such a tight schedule.

Solution Consulting

Unlike the full lifecycle project implementation, solution consulting is done in a more irregular way. You can invite us to your project in any phase for any topic or issue you meet once we can be of help.


SAP Solution/System Operation, Maintenance and Support

Every company running SAP solutions has a solution and system operation and support team. Some of the big enterprises have big support teams of hundreds of IT engineers, key users and internal consultants. Furthermore the business is changing always. Business processes changes with the company re-organization, process innovation and business changes.

Continuous Improvement and Optimization

SAP solutions are highly customizable solutions. Without the right expertise, we cannot change the predefined processes which were set during the project implementation. CY Consulting can help you to adopt the changes with optimized and new solutions added on to your business. Companies are exploring the new functions in SAP platform which needs the proof and customizing. We can do it for you to continuously optimize your current solutions and adopt new solutions/functions.


When your end users, key users and even internal consultants meet any issues in their daily work with the solution, IT support tickets or messages are triggered and routed to the support team. Some of the tickets are quite tough. Your support team could not solve all the issues. Here are we. We are here for you always to solve the issues with our expertise. Nowadays, more and more companies outsource the support to professional companies for both cost saving and better service.

We are quite flexible in providing the support service, working hours, expense claim methods, SOHO remote or onsite, depending on your requirements anyway.


SAP Training

Company Internal Training

Empower your team with the solution capability. On your request, we can provide standard course, business process training to your project team, key users, users and internal consultants.

We can deliver short-term workshops to your team on the solution topics you select.

Academy Training

Academy training is quite standard. We use SAP standard academy text books with the training IDES system or Ramp Up systems. With the academy training, you and your team can build the solution capability systemically.

On-Job Training

As a partner, customer, or individual who want to learn SAP solutions, you can send your people to our project, work with us to get the ob-job training. We will have senior consultants work with you always, handing on the knowledge in real practice.

Get Involved and Get Started!


SAP Project Management

Manage your SAP project as a professional project manager to ensure the success of the project.

All of our project managers are Certified PMP (Project Management Professional of PMI). All of our project managers have many years of SAP project implementation experiences. At least 2 full-cycle project implementation are mandatory. Therefore our project managers know the solution and the project management methodology, which ensure our project management excellence.

We have experienced in managing large and global SAP projects. Some of our project managers/consultants have more than 2 years of onsite working experience in Lenovo Group, who is building the strategic CRM/ERP/Planning platforms for Lenovo business worldwide.


SAP Talent Hunting

SAP Talent Hunting for your company. If you company or your projects want to recruit any SAP consultant, please let me know. We will help you to get qualified SAP Consultants.

SAP Positions

We work closely with many Big consulting companies and Fortune 500 Companies. We can introduce you to those companies who have SAP job openings.

Please fill the contact form and upload your resume here.

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If you need any SAP Head Hunting Service, please fill in the form. We will contact you immediately. Thank you.

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