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Spot Consulting

We treat short-term, occasional, task-specific or topic-specific consulting as spot consulting. Usually spot consulting is urgent as well which requires absolutely quick response with specific expertise.

In our service areas, we have an expert team for spot consulting. When you need it, where you need it, we will send the consultant right with you as quick as possible with right expertise. For example, we provide spot consulting service for a customer who runs SAP ERP and CRM 5.0. The issue is that there are over one million entries of master data/transaction data in the CRM middleware queue which cannot be processed successfully. Somewhere somehow the system almost stop because of some critical issues. We sent our senior CRM consultant onsite, analyzed the problems and solved the issue. Together with other solution and system optimization, it took only 10 man days. We have done a wonderful job in such a tight schedule.

Solution Consulting

Unlike the full lifecycle project implementation, solution consulting is done in a more irregular way. You can invite us to your project in any phase for any topic or issue you meet once we can be of help.



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