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Every company running SAP solutions has a solution and system operation and support team. Some of the big enterprises have big support teams of hundreds of IT engineers, key users and internal consultants. The overall cost of ownership usually is pretty high. Furthermore the business is changing always. Business processes changes with the company re-organization, process innovation and business changes.

Continuous Improvement and Optimization

SAP solutions are highly customizable solutions. Without the right expertise, we cannot change the predefined processes which were set during the project implementation. CY Consulting can help you to adopt the changes with optimized and new solutions added on to your business. Companies are exploring the new functions in SAP platform which needs the proof and customizing. We can do it for you to continuously optimize your current solutions and adopt new solutions/functions.


When your end users, key users and even internal consultants meet any issues in their daily work with the solution, IT support tickets or messages are triggered and routed to the support team. Some of the tickets are quite tough. Your support team could not solve all the issues. Here are we. We are here for you always to solve the issues with our expertise. Nowadays, more and more companies outsource the support to professional companies for both cost saving and better service.

We are quite flexible in providing the support service, working hours, expense claim methods, SOHO remote or onsite, depending on your requirements anyway.

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