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Service: Help and User Manual for CY Customer Support System®

General Processes:

  1. Log on the system with your own company id and password. If there's any issue, please contact us.
  2. In "my Inbox", you can check all the messages you sent, or the messages CY created or sent to you. Click the title, you can display the message detail information including all the attachments, action logs.
  3. To create a message, just click "Create Message"
  4. To add an attachment to your message: Open that message, then you can see a link to upload attachments.
  5. To reply a message: Open a message, leave some message, and reply.
  6. Log Off: When you leave the system, please "Log Off".

General Features of CY Customer Support System®

  1. Log On and Log Off;
  2. Create a message (Priority/Component/Language/Short Text/Long Text/Steps to Reproduce etc.)
  3. Add Attachment to a message;
  4. Display a message;
  5. Reply a message;
  6. Confirm a message;
  7. My Inbox Functions: List all of your message;
  8. E-Mail Notification;
  9. User, Password, Company profile data maintenance, please contact us.

Tips for You

  1. Please compose the message as detail as possible including the detail reproduction steps.
  2. Steps with detail screen shots are preferred, which would shorten the time to solve the issue.


Last Updated@Feb 2009

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