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   Loyalty Program Management

As of SAP CRM 7.0, under CRM Marketing, a new big module is introduced, SAP CRM Loyalty Management, from planning of loyalty programs, through management of memberships and loyalty points, and processing of member activities, to customer self-service in the CRM Web Channel.

Loyalty Management can be applied to multiple industries, where customer loyalty programs are utilized to build customer relationships and to promote specific customer behaviors.

Loyalty Management enables marketers to plan and execute closed loop loyalty programs, such as FFP(Frequent Flyer Programs), Rewards programs, or bonus programs, and target their most loyal customers with customized offers.

These programs promote customer participation with points/reward programs where certain amounts of points are earned for a specific customer behavior. In turn, customers can redeem these points for specified rewards.

End customers have access to self-service web sites to check and manage their points/reward accounts and to redeem points for rewards, or may choose to access these actions via the company's call center.



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